Great Review of "Solo Autoharp" CD

Review of “Solo Autoharp”

Autoharp Quarterly, Winter 2013

By Stew Schneider


In the unlikely event there is anyone

connected with the autoharp who has not

heard of Ms. Mueller, this much be said:

she is either the most talented performer

on the autoharp who regularly teaches,

or she is the most gifted teacher who

actively performs.


It is not only her technical perfection

that makes her playing so riveting. It is

her impeccable control of timing and

dynamics, the downright musicality of

her playing and her effortless use of the

entire harp. The exceptional La Partida is

something any player should experience, not

once, but many times and with a tear in

the eye for that which will never be.


This CD includes the sheet music as PDFs

accessible from your computer.

This makes the CD uniquely valuable

to those who can discern music from

dots on a page. It reflects her passion for

teaching and her generosity to have gone

to the trouble to make arrangements, transcribe

them and make them available.

The music included is, as you might

guess, flawless or as near to as makes no