Accent on Dulcimer

With Accent on Dulcimer Karen brings to the foreground her dynamic performing and arranging skills on mountain dulcimer and bass dulcimer, collected from previous CDs to make a dulcimer playlist that's a must-have for any dulcimer player. Ranging from championship contest solos to duets and ensemble arrangements, these hand-picked tracks showcase Karen's broad stylistic interests, featuring energetic Irish dance tunes as well as sweet slow fingerpicking. Other instruments make appearances, including Karen's autoharp, guitar, and mandolin, and guests on cello, bagpipes, concertina and more. The late great dulcimer player David Schnaufer is featured on the brand-new recording of "Amazing Grace," played as a duet on a 19th Century courting dulcimer (one dulcimer with two fretboards). $15.00

Track listing:

1. Shortnin' Bread

2. Linus and Lucy

3. Kitchen Gal

4. Birdland

5. Fields of Gold

6. Music for a Found Harmonium

7. Sliding Down

8. Our Kansas Traveler

9. Jeff Davis/Run Boy Run

10. Still Point

11. Night Flight to Dublin (Spanish Suite)

12. Britches Full of Stitches

13. Heart of the Heartland

14. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

15. Amazing Grace (feat. David Schnaufer)

Recording with David in 2003