"A true virtuoso."

1986 International Autoharp Champion

2006 Autoharp Hall of Fame

2012-13 McKnight Fellow


Piper's Crow

Piper's Crow

"This release is the premiere album from Piper's Crow, a quartet that specializes in traditional material (plus sympathetic originals) from the breadth of the Celtic realm, stretching from Scotland and Ireland to Galicia and Cape Breton Island. The band's eponymous CD is a gorgeous collection of rich, haunting melodies, exhilarating jigs and reels played with rippling zeal, and songs featuring Laura MacKenzie's exquisite voice. Much of Piper's Crow's charm is derived from the sparkling interplay between the musicians, especially the exotic bagpipes and assorted wind instruments deftly wielded by MacKenzie and master piper Dick Hensold, while Zack Kline's fiddle weaves devilishly amongst them and Karen Mueller helps drive the entire business on guitar and bouzouki. This is wonderful stuff that's musically provocative while rarely failing to elicit a smile or an urge to bound about the room." — Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages





  • Karen Mueller: guitar, bouzouki, autoharp
  • Dick Hensold: Northumbrian smallpipes, recorders, medieval greatpipes, gemshorn
  • Laura MacKenzie: wooden flutes, vocals, whistle, concertina, border greatpipes, Scottish smallpipes, gemshorn
  • Zack Kline: violin, octave violin

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  • Jul 21
    Western Carolina University,  Cullowhee
  • Sep 22
    Seattle Autoharp Week,  Seattle