"A true virtuoso."

1986 International Autoharp Champion

2006 Autoharp Hall of Fame

2012-13 McKnight Fellow


As part of her year as a McKnight Fellow for Performing Musicians, Karen is offering a free introductory autoharp workshop on Saturday August 3, 10:00 a.m.-noon, at the West Bank School of Music, 1813 S. 6th St., Minneapolis. 

This workshop is for new players, especially for teachers, music therapists and others using music in their work. Please RSVP to karen@karenmueller.com to reserve your place. Karen has a few autoharps to loan for the class if reserved in advance.




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Coming Up

  • May 16
    California Autoharp Gathering,  Dunlap, CA
  • Jun 8
    Ozark Folk Center,  Mountain View
  • Jul 21
    ,  Moniaive
  • Sep 24
    Seattle Autoharp Week,  Seattle
  • Oct 17
    Cambria Pickin' in the Pines,  Cambria